Jacob Houston Art

Welcome to Jacob Houston Art. We hope that you will find pleasure in viewing the many creations shown on this website.

Jake is known for the perspective that he takes in his paintings, frequently from a vantage point above the subject. His subjects are as varied as old schoolhouses and country scenes; major city scapes of Washington, D.C., London, and Venice; major landmarks such as Notre Dame and Times Square; as well as scenes of his hometown of Greenwich, New York.  His favorite medium being acrylic, his paintings are vivid and detailed, captivating the viewer's eye.

  joy.  Joy at the wonders in the world. That is the simple, direct emotion elicited by the art of  Jacob Houston. We have all known it.  Our younger selves had almost no control over it. Joys erupted out of us in shouts, tears, hoots, laughter, and jumps.  All too soon, though, joy is something we are taught to contain.  Such expressions are perceived as the opposite of maturity and sophistication.  In the arts, the simple joy of creation can be smothered by training and the deliberate pursuit of a distinctive, individual style.

Refreshingly, Jacob Houston has sustained his open-hearted sense of joy.  He relishes a multi-hued world.  Fresh and luminous, it captivates the viewer with crisply rendered details... Houston transcends our region's tradition of folk artists, who lovingly rendered our localities, having traveled across the continental United States, throughout Europe, and, via the World Wide Web, to Africa.  He evokes an earlier age of wonder and exploration- the fifteenth-century  renaissance.  Then, too, artists painted with bright, localized colors, and juxtaposed bird's-eye panoramas with a miniaturist's delight in detail, and real-world observations with fantasy.

                                                                               - The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, NY