Les Lumières Romantiques de Paris"

And it is back to the city- N.Y.C.'s Central Park.  I chose to paint a 1950's version so that the taller present day sky scrapers would not block the view of the park's green spaces.  Of course, the architectural challenges spiked my interest.  Someday I'll have to count how many windows I painted. This painting ended up receiving an award in the National Society of Painters in Casein & Acrylic Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club on 5th Avenue in NYC. Painting all of those windows was worth it!  (completed April 2018)

The many seasons of the Battenkill.... it is hard to choose a favorite. But it is always fascinating to watch as the seasons change from greens to oranges to browns and back to greens. I am blessed to be inspired by such beauty just outside my back door! (completed May 2016)

This commissioned piece  is entitled, "Fort Ticonderoga".  Set in upstate New York near Lake Champlain and the Vermont border, it looks much today as it did back in the 1770's when the fort played a part in our American Revolution.   (completed December 2016)

"Ha'penny Bridge"

I was fortunate to be able to participate in a trip to Ireland in March with a group of faculty and students from SUNY Adirondack.  It is such a friendly, beautiful country.  Here is my lasting impression of Ireland. (completed May 2014)

It was time to travel again (if only in my mind), so this scene of Venice, Italy became my next creation.  The architecture in this beautiful city is appealing to me, along with the pizza! Some day I will get there... (completed February 2016)

Presenting my latest commission- "Bullard Block", a building in Schuylerville, NY as it appeared in the 1800's. It sure has a lot of bricks! (completed January 2016)

"Fort Ticonderoga"

"Frosty Hills Sunset"

"The Bridge to San Francisco"

Painting this scene was sort of a fortunate mistake...My mom told me that O'Donald Hill would be a beautiful scene to paint.  So, I drove over that way to take some pictures, and mistook this scene for the one that she had mentioned. The family who owns this awe-inspiring property is the Bells, hence the title, "Belle Vue". (completed June 2018)

I have always thought that London was awesome, although I haven't had the opportunity to visit it yet. I wanted to make the painting include a personal level, which the tea shop does with the memorable British man my family met in France long ago, and the British singer that I admire. This painting won an award in The Artist's Magazine Art Competition in 2016.  (completed July 2015)

"House on Kenyon Road"

"Trick or Treaters' Night Out"

With great memories of a trip to Switzerland in March of this year with SUNY Adirondack faculty and students, I came up with this scene that is etched in my mind. The mountains seemed unreal, which is what drew me to choose this as my subject. This painting won 1st prize in the LARAC 120 degrees Intercollegiate Art Competition at Lapham Gallery in March 2013. (completed December 2012)

My most recent commissioned piece required some haunting vision in order to revamp this normally charming home into a frightful autumn scene. (completed October 2014)

Here's my newest Vermont scene, complete with a pesky rabbit in the garden. I am happy to say that this painting won two different awards this year. (completed March 2015)

"Toronto Twilight"


"London Evening"


From Maine, I decided to head all the way over to the Pacific coast for my newest painting, entitled "The Bridge to San Francisco" (otherwise known as the Golden Gate Bridge). Bridges fascinate me, and this particular one with its bright red dressing is especially magnificent.  Mr. Morris at GCS encouraged me to paint the George Washington bridge years ago...I promise that it is still on my "futures" list! (completed March 2013)

Moving across our northern border, this painting is of the beautiful city of Toronto. "Toronto Twilight" took me mega time to complete with all of its intricate details.  I think it was worth it in the end; hopefully you agree! (completed March 2014)

One of the largest events in my hometown of Greenwich, NY each fall is the "Lighted Tractor Parade" featuring local farmers and businesses driving their tractors, wagons, and combines down Main Street. Each tractor is lit up with thousands of Christmas bulbs and many provide holiday music, making for a truly magical event. The small village draws thousands of people to this special festivity. I took the liberty of including many friends among the crowd of spectators. This painting won the Winsor & Newton Award at the 63rd Annual Exhibition of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic at the Salmagundi Club on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. (completed January 2017)

"Sunrise Farm"

For anyone who looks forward to the County Fair each summer, this painting is for you.  I hope that it brings memories of the sights, smells, and sounds of the midway. For those of us in my area, it is at the Washington County Fair that we all eat way too many french fries, fritters, and maple milk shakes,  and then jump on the rides,  visit the cow barns, take in a show, and most of all catch up with friends. (completed September 2017)

This painting was commissioned by a nice family up in Argyle. The beautiful old farmhouse is located in a tranquil rural setting. (completed August 2013)

"Barn in Battenville"

My newest painting was commissioned several years ago, but I never quite got around to painting it..... now I am so happy that the commissioner persisted.  This barn and its beautiful setting are in my neighborhood- we inhabitants of Washington County, NY sure have a great place to live! (completed September 2016)

"New York 1950"

"42nd Street"

"Icy Battenkill at Center Falls"

Ever since my trip to France, I have been fascinated by the spirit that takes over Paris once nighttime falls. It is a feeling that I had never felt before as I wandered the dark streets and was mesmerized by the lights of the city. (completed January 2015)

For all of you who are tired of this endless winter, here is a beacon of hope- "Afternoon at Old Orchard". My painting was inspired by all of the summer vacations in Maine with my extended family. Included in the painting are my parents and myself as well as people you always see on the beach: the sun burned guy, the hot girls, and the Canadian guy. Can you spot them? Here's hoping warm days are ahead. (completed January 2013)

Christmas time brings the annual request from my mom for a holiday scene for our family Christmas card...I combined several of my favorite pieces of architecture into a brand new community that Santa seems to have located.  The church is European, and the mansion includes elements from Old Westbury, L.I. Happy Holidays! (completed November 2015)

newest work:

The holidays have arrived again, and the painting that I did this year for the family Christmas card includes local landmark Willard Mountain in the background where I learned to ski many moons ago. Wishing all of you a great holiday season. (completed November 2014)

"Calma Venice"

"Hedges Lake"

A recent vacation in Ireland inspired me to recreate the beauty of Dublin in the evening. The Liffey River meanders through the center of this beautiful city;  its bridges are all unique and fun to cross. The Ha'penny pedestrian bridge was built in 1816. Ireland is a one of my most favorite countries with friendly, helpful people and incredible scenery. (completed July 2018)

A balloon festival is held every year in the neighboring village of Cambridge, New York. The combination of the brilliant blue sky, the historic architecture of the village's buildings, and the vibrant colors of the balloons all combine to create a beautiful sight.  (completed June 2017)

It was time to create another family Christmas card, so out of my imagination sprang this quiet country scene.  "Countryside Christmas" is a tribute to my grandmother, Louise Houston, who passed away in August.  She can be seen sitting in her favorite chair, watching Frosty create his magic. I'm hoping that 2014 is a magical year for all of you! (completed November 2013)

  "Battenkill Serenity"

It was fun to paint this happy scene that was commissioned by a sweet family in Massachusetts.  Although their children are now adults, the couple chose to go back to a simpler time filled with snowballs and snowmen and all things snow. I'd love to jump into this painting and throw a few snowballs myself!    ( completed  November 2017)

Ironically, I had begun painting this before the attack at the Boston Marathon.  In honor of the victims and the city of Boston, I added "Boston Strong" in the sky. (completed June 2013)

This commissioned piece required a long kayak expedition across some fairly rough water deep in the Adirondacks, but it was well worth the effort to get this result. (completed September 2014)

"Bullard Block"

"Afternoon at Old Orchard"

"Countryside Christmas"

Driving across the Massachusetts Turnpike recently, boredom led my mind to wander, and into my head popped the vision of my next painting...a scene from one of the most beautiful states that I know, Vermont. Of course, there had to be magnificent mountains, rock outcroppings, and a mama bear and her two cubs thrown in for good measure. (completed July 2016)

"Greenwich Lighted Tractor Parade"

Jacob Houston Art

I can imagine every small town in America looks about the same on Halloween evening... kids roaming the streets, filled with excitement in their creative costumes, grabbing handfuls of sugary treats. This day holds lots of great memories for me, beginning with my purple Barney costume...   (completed October 2017)

Almost every summer since my first visit when I was a month old, my family has taken a journey to the Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine. Of course, the stop over would not be complete without partaking in a delicious meal at Fox's Lobster House. That's the place where I developed my taste for lobsters... (completed March 2016)

"The Lively Midway"

The Battenkill River and I go way back; I first canoed it when I was a one year old (with a bit of help from my dad). Since this beautiful river is right out my back door, it holds a lot of memories for me... kayaking, swimming, canoeing, and tubing with friends and family over the years.  It is also a great place to sit alone to simply appreciate its serenity. (completed July 2014)

There are few settings as satisfying as a crisp morning on the farm with the animals beginning to stir, eager for their first meal of the day. This scene evolved from the many images swirling around in my mind of life in the rural area where I reside. Of course, my favorite farm animal would have to be 'ole Mr. Goat, always inquisitive and possessing an unmatched joie de vivre. (completed May 2017)

  "Witchcraft Lake"

"Boston Spirit"

"Emerald Ireland"

"Surya Polo Club"

This commission is filled with memories and people who are meaningful to the owner of the painting.  Hedges Lake looks like the place to be! (completed September 2015)

"The Matterhorn in Switzerland"

"Sunshine in Miami"

"Frightful House on Academy Street"

        "A Merry Village"

The fall season sparked my imagination...it was time to revisit my dark side. It is the first time I've created skeletons and werewolves.  I guess you could say I am branching out, ha. (completed October 2015)

It was a pleasure to create this commission for the owners of the beautiful Surya Polo Club. I wish that I could blow this up to full size for you so that you could see all of the animals in this beautiful setting. (completed May 2015)

It was time to bring out my wild side with this painting of Africa which includes over 60 magnificent animals, including my favorite- the gorilla. I had to stretch my imagination a bit in order to bring together so many of the images that came to mind when I imagined life on this captivating continent. (completed December 2018)

You guessed it- time for another Christmas card...   this time I challenged myself by including several animals that I had never painted before. They are all busy getting their Christmas tree decorated on a crisp winter night. The deer seems to sense that someone is approaching. Wouldn't it be incredible to come upon this in real life?  You never know!  (completed April 2018)

"The Nichol's House"

With cold weather headed our way again, this painting, entitled "Sunshine in Miami", may inspire you to head south for a bit. (completed October 2013)

"Neuschwanstein Castle"

"Belle Vue"

It is always hard to lose special people in our lives, and such was the case with the recent passing of our beautiful 94 year old friend, Dorothy.  Kindness, generosity, and strength were all part of her very fiber, and she demonstrated those virtues daily right up until the end of her life.  When Dorothy's granddaughter asked me to paint the family homestead, I was honored to do it in memory and honor of a person who demonstrated for me how to make this world a better place. (completed October 2016)

"Nubble Lighthouse at Sunset"

"Lawrence's Camp"

"Lovable Vermont"

"Balloons Over Cambridge"

"Christmas Creatures"

It is back to the city for me...NYC...and to my favorite street, 42nd Street.  On top of that, I have added my favorite pizza shop in Manhattan, Bravo's.  I have been known to find my way to this shop 3 or 4 times in a single weekend. (completed February 2017)

"The Nature of Vermont"

As my followers probably know, painting architecture is my favorite challenge as an artist.  This time I chose my favorite castle in the world, Neuschwanstein Castle in southern Germany.  Known as the "fairy tale castle", it gave me lots of challenges with its turrets, stonework, windows, and other unique features.  I also decided to shake things up by painting it  from a different perspective than it is usually shown in.  (completed November 2016)