Advanced Studio Art with Ms Meyer 2011

"Village of Wonders"  2009

"Battenkill Serenity" 2014

Eiffel Tower sculpture that Jake built in the backyard in 2006

"Fischer Wedding Reception" 2007

for graduation from Greenwich High School 2011

"Montauk Lighthouse", the first Houston piece ever sold for a commission...$ 11 years old

"First Self Portrait" 1997

"Leader of the Track" 2007

"1850 Farm Life"  2006

"London Evening"  2015

"Jaguar" art class project in Ms Meyer's class 2006

"Where's Watershed Willy" fundraiser @ Gallery 668 for Battenkill Conservancy  2006

"Learning is Fun This Summer" program logo

Tee shirt design  2009

"Night of Haunts"  2010

"Eiffel Tower"  2007

"A Perfect House in Greenwich"  2011

"Ryan Road Memories"  2009

the beginning of my creative efforts...Santa and reindeer  1996

"Delaney's Times Square"  2010

"Washington County Fair Program 2008"

2007 family Christmas card

Tee shirt design  2008

"Day's Over in D.C."  2011

2009 family Christmas card

"Black Bear"  2006

"Olive Garden in Times Square"  2007

"Sunset in Washington County" 2009

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"White Night in Mowry Park"  2010

"A Taste of the Arts" (I am in there!)  2006

cover of GCS High School fundraiser cookbook  2007

"Tasteful Steinengers"  2011

"The Flamingo Dancer"  2015

"Roods' House" 2008

Some oldies, but goodies to mark my progress over the years - it is always fun to look back and see where you've come from...

"Elwira"  2011

"Bells of Paris"  2011

"A Sunny Morning at 34 Gray Avenue"  2010

"Afternoon at Old Orchard" 2013

"The Green Mountains Bring Silence"  2010

"House in Battenville"  2011

"Empire State Building" for SUNY Adirondack 2012

Jacob Houston Art

"Carried Away"  2008

"Gazebo in Mowry Park" for Lions Club  2007

"God's Eye View" 2004

"Greenwich Central School Buildings"  2006

    "Google Contest"  2009

"Frosty Night on Phila Street"  2012